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Sky Taxi

Boryspil International Airport has its own taxi service — Sky Taxi. Sky Taxi cars are available for hire in the drop-off zone in front of each terminal.

All Sky Taxi vehicles are comfortable D-class cars produced in 2011. Each vehicle is equipped with a taximeter, payment card terminal, digital video recorder and GPS navigator. All taxis provide child seats.

Sky Taxi order

You can order Sky Taxi by calling:
+38 044 281-75-58

+38 044 281-7-281

Alternatively, you can book a Sky Taxi directly with our agents in Terminals B , D and F of Boryspil International Airport or by using the online form at the bottom of this page.

Our managers will choose the best route for you and the estimated mileage will be determined automatically. Payment for the service is payable upon arrival at destination in accordance with the rates pre-set by the taximeter. The driver is obliged to issue a receipt confirming the payment.

Sky Taxi Rates

Economic Rate: 7 UAH/km

This rate shall be applied for transporting passengers from Boryspil Airport at a distance exceeding 10 kilometers. At that, this rate shall be collected for each kilometer starting from the first one. While stuck in traffic extra UAH 0,80 per a minute will be surcharged. This rate shall be charged for each minute while traveling through traffic at a speed that is less than 5 km/an hour. While waiting for a passenger and stop on a passenger’s request extra UAH 1,50 per a minute will be collected.

Minimal Rate:

UAH 70 Rate shall be applied for travelling from Boryspil Airport at a distance up to 10 km inclusive.

UAH 50 Rate shall be applied for the trips within the city while a passenger is picked up or dropped off on site of the residential place.

Special Rate:

Return trip from the city to Boryspil Airport shall be charged at a rate of UAH 5 per a kilometre. This offer is valid subject to availability of cars.

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