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Enterprise Policy plane

Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise (Boryspil IASE, enterprise) renders aeronautical and non-aeronautical services to passengers, airlines and other business entities.

The strategic aim of the enterprise is to achieve the level of the leading European transfer airports.

Boryspil IASE:

– Implements this policy within the framework of:

  • Quality Management System, introduced on the basis of SSU “ISO 9001:2015”
  • Environment Management System, introduced on the basis of SSU “ISO 14001:2015”
  • Flight Safety Management System, introduced on the basis of ICAO regulations and requirements of the Aviation Regulations of Ukraine;

Achieves this policy by means of:

  • Setting objectives in the field of quality, ecology and flight safety, their implementation, review and constant improvement of the main processes and support processes;
  • Carrying out analysis of the processes efficiency and performance;
  • Taking measures aimed at mitigating the adverse environmental impact (in particular, on waters, soils and atmospheric air);
  • Introduction of the modern technologies for the rational use of natural and energy resources;
  • Giving priority to the aviation security aspects over all other types of activity;
  • Ensuring compliance of the aviation security measures with the standards, specified by ICAO, IATA, Civil Aviation Authority;
  • Determining requirements to the third-party organizations, operating on Kyiv (Boryspil) aerodrome, in terms of compliance of their services with the aviation security standards.

We undertake:

  • To guarantee
  • That flight safety is a primary duty of all managers;
  • The compliance of the Integrated Management System with external and internal environment;
  • That all services and processes comply with all applicable legislative requirements, international standards and recommended practice of IATA, ICAO;
  • That no punitive measures will be applied against anybody who reports on the deficiencies by means of the voluntary flight safety message system and message system except for the cases, if such message reasonably points at wrongdoing, gross negligence, deliberate and intentional violation of the rules or procedures;
  • To ensure
  • Flight safety, constant enhancement of its efficiency level and promotion of the positive flight safety culture development;
  • Constant improvement of the Quality and Environment Management System;
  • Sufficiency of financial and trained qualified human resources for the management of flight safety, environment safety and quality of the rendered services for the purpose of implementation of the Integrated Management System policy;
  • Acquiring by the enterprise personnel of the necessary skills and special knowledge for the purpose of appropriate fulfillment of their duties in the Flight Safety Management System, Quality and Environment Management System;
  • To enhance performance, efficiency of the Integrated Management System;
  • Take measures in terms of prevention/mitigation of the adverse environmental impact on all stages of service life cycle, on the basis of essential ecological aspects.

We call on to expressly report on all factors of hazards, which can adversely affect the aviation security provision. All staff of the airport and aviation activity entities, operating in the airport airside, is responsible for provision of any information, which can negatively impact the flight safety provision. The employees by no means will be punished for the provision of such information, however, this policy is not applied to the wrongdoing or deliberate neglecting of the adopted rules or procedures.

Boryspil IASE will appreciate any comments, proposals, messages and calls on:

  • To submit the voluntary messages in terms of aviation security to the boxes of voluntary flight safety messages / over the number +38(044)281-73-06/telephone/fax +38(044)281-79-03 / e-mail: sms@kbp.aero;
  • To submit comments and proposals for improvement of the Quality Management System and Environment Management System to e-mails: quality@kbp.aero / sgt@kbp.aero.