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For departures

When departing from Boryspil airport, you need to choose either Green or Red Corridor in order to go through customs control.

Green Corridor

You can use Green Corridor in case:

You DO NOT carry:

  • Сash belonging to a legal entity;
  • Banking metals;
  • Weapon, ammunition, explosives;
  • Narcotic or psychotropic agents;
  • Toxic or potent agents, as well as medicines;
  • Radioactive materials;
  • Cultural valuables;
  • Flora, fauna, components or products made from them;
  • High frequency radio-electronic devices;
  • Print publications, audio materials, audio-recording devices, and other medium;
  • Goods of total invoice value of over €10 000.

You DO NOT carry:

  • Cash equivalent to over €10 000.

List of articles that can be referred to as personal belongings:

  • Personal care and cosmetics sufficient for use by one person during the trip;
  • Clothes, underwear, and shoes of personal use;
  • Personal jewelry, including jewelry made of precious metals and gems, having signs of personal use;
  • Individual writing utensils and office supplies;
  • One camera, one video camera with a reasonable number of photo-, video, cine films and additional accessories;
  • One portable projector and accessories together with a reasonable number of slides and/or films;
  • One binocular;
  • One or two portable music instruments;
  • One portable sound reproducing system (i.e. tape-recorder, voice recorder, CD player, etc.) with a reasonable number of films, records, CDs;
  • One portable radio;
  • One or two cell (mobile) phones, electronic pagers;
  • One portable TV set;
  • One or two laptops, peripheral equipment and accessories; one – three memory cards;
  • One portable printer;
  • One or two calculators and/or e-reader devices;
  • Individual medical products designed to support vital activities and control health showing signed of being used;
  • Baby carriages and/or strollers that correspond the number of children crossing the border together with adults; in case passengers travel without children, they are allowed to carry one baby carriage or stroller;
  • One wheelchair for every person with special needs crossing the border; in case passengers travel without persons with special needs, they are allowed to carry one wheelchair;
  • Medicines that is carried (sent) across the border of Ukraine as many and when provided by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  • One or two watches;
  • 0,5 liter of eau de toilet and/or 100 gr. of perfumes;
  • Sporting equipment – bicycle, fishing rod, set of mountain climbing equipment, scuba-diving set, ski set, tennis set, surfboard, windsurfing board, set of golf equipment, other analogical equipment sufficient for one person;
  • Special baby food designed for children suffering from phenylketonuria or any other disease requiring special nutrition that`s not produced (sold) in Ukraine and that`s is carried (sent) across the border of Ukraine as many and when provided by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
  • Other articles designed to satisfy daily vital needs of a person; the list and amount is determined by the law of Ukraine.

When choosing to go through customs control via Green Corridor, you do not need to fill in the declaration.

Violation of these rules will result in fines and penalties (one hundred tax-exempt minimum wages). In case prohibited articles are carried across the border of Ukraine, violators are fined and articles are appropriated.

Red Corridor

In case you carry any articles over the established limit, you must declare them by filling in a declaration form at one of the customs counters located at terminal D. After you complete the check-in procedure, proceed to the customs control zone via Red Corridor.

Please note that you must provide accurate information on the amount and brands of articles carried.

Detailed information on customs control at Boryspil airport is available on the website of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

Please contact +380 44 281-73-79 for advice on customs control at Boryspil airport.