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Luggage storage plane

Dear passengers, Left Luggage Room operates 24/7 onsite Terminal D.

The price for one piece of luggage storage 

The price for one piece of luggage storage

UAH, VAT included

 Up to 1 (one) hour inclusive


 Up to 3 (three) hours inclusive


 Up to 6 (six) hours inclusive


 Up to 12 (twelve) hours inclusive


 Up to 24 hours inclusive


 For each subsequent day or its part


Rules of luggage storage:

Service breaks in the Left Luggage Room:

7:45 – 8:00;

19:45 – 20:00;

23:45 – 00:05.

In exceptional cases, if the Left Luggage Room officer needs a service break for personal needs, it closes and “Service Break” information table is installed in a visible location. Payment for luggage storage is performed according to the fixed rate, calculated as for one separate piece of luggage per hour.

Luggage in any package, securing its storage, eliminating free access to its content, damage or contamination of the other passengers’ luggage and the Left Luggage Room equipment is accepted for storage.

Each piece of baggage is placed for storage only in one section. One piece of luggage or a few pieces, packed in one dispatch (suitcase, box, rucksack etc.) are accepted for one storage place.

It is prohibited to place a few pieces of luggage packed separately into one storage section despite its size.

Items, not accepted for storage:

  • explosives, flammables, poisonous substances;
  • dirty luggage and luggage with acute smell;
  • weapon and ammunition;
  • live animals and animal origin products;
  • perishables;
  • documents, money, valuables;
  • fragile, sharp, piercing, cutting items without a proper package.

The Left Luggage Room officer bears no responsibility for valuables and documents left in the baggage.

Only products in packing ensuring its conservation are accepted for storage.

The Left Luggage Room officer bears no responsibility for the natural damage of the stored products.

To register baggage for storage, it is necessary to present passport for entering the relevant information into the accounting system.

For each placed piece of luggage a numbered token is given, which identifies the quantity of stored luggage and the section number, where it is stored.

To receive luggage from the Left Luggage Room, it is necessary to present an officer a passport and a numbered token for each piece of baggage. A trustee must present passport, numbered token for each piece of baggage and the owner’s mandate for the baggage receipt, certified by notary.

In case of missing the numbered token, the baggage is issued to the owner or the trustee provided passport is presented and information verification done in the accounting system.

While receiving luggage from the Left Luggage Room for temporary use, the right for further storage is suspended. If the secondary storage is required, the luggage is accepted to the Left Luggage Room again according to the established rules.

The maximum period of luggage storage in the Left Luggage Room is 3 months from the moment of register in the accounting system. After expiry of the mentioned storage period of the baggage, for which the owner did not apply, the airport responsible persons take corresponding measures in the procedure, established by the legislation.