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Wi-Fi plane

All passengers and guests of Boryspil International Airport can use free access to Internet (WI-FI)on territory of Terminal D.
To get free access to the Internet via the airport’s Wi-Fi, you need to have notebook, mobile phone, Smartphone or PC enable to WI-FI connection.
Select Free Boryspil WiFi network & open your mobile browser. After test page loaded you can surf the web.

To connect to the wireless network necessity you will need:

  • to connect WI-FI on your device
  • to choose a network (SSID) Free Borispil WI-FI
  • to start mobile browser and get authorizing by entering any web address on your mobile device browser. After that the automatic public content translation will take place.

After implementation of the noted actions you can enjoy watching your favorite sites and program additions in a network while waiting for your flight. One session limitations makes 30 minutes.