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About cargo terminal plane


Cargo terminal characteristics:

  • territory 14,580 m²;
  • 9 storage areas;
  • Temporary storage total area (up to 90 day-long storage according to the Customs Code) 5,072 m²:
    • a) heated storage (temperature over +5C) – 2769 m², capacity 1772 pallet/cells or 531.6 tons;
    • b) non-heated storage 2303 m², capacity 914 pallet/cells or 274.2 tons.
  • capacity 2686 pallet/cells, 805.8 tons;
    up-packaging area 1980 m² (protection against precipitations is available);
  • packaging area 980 m² (protection against precipitations is available);
  • cold storage with temperature conditions +2…+8C (4 units). Export shipments 190 cb. m., maximum doorways: H2m x W1.4m and Import shipments 170 cb. m., maximum doorways: H2m x W1.5m;separate cold storage for ca
  • rgos containing human remains – 30 cb. m.;
  • refrigerating chamber with temperature -18C (50 m³, doorway: 2m x 0.85m);
  • secialized storage for different classes of hazardous cargo (19 m², 25 m², 31 m², 12 m²);
  • specialized storage for radioactive hazardous cargo (7th class), 18 m²;
  • specialized storage for valuables, 18 m²;
  • special area for live animals short-term accommodation (fenced in, heated, ventilated);
  • CCTV system;
  • fire alarm system at storages;
  • automated cargo inventory system;
  • specialized equipment for mechanized cargo handling (container loaders, forklifts with loading capacity of 1.5 – 7 tons, container dollies, trucks, lifting platforms, conveyor belts, hand loaders, tractors);
  • highly qualified, educated and certified personnel engaged in handling hazardous cargo and live animals.

Other facilities located on the Cargo terminal territory:

  • Kyiv Customs authorities (Boryspil Airport Customs Station);
  • Sanitary and Quarantine station of Sanitary and Epidemiological Service;
  • Ecological control station;
  • Plants quarantine station;
  • Veterinary station of State Veterinary Control Department;
  • Representative offices (GAs) of the carriers and shipping agencies.

Cargo terminal operating hours:

  • for carriers 24/7;
  • for clients (cargo receipt/delivery) daily from 08:15 till 19:45 (lunch 13:00 – 14:00).