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To the attention of passengers with reduced mobility!

In case of necessity of getting access to the first line in front of D Terminal by the vehicles of passengers with reduced mobility or passengers using wheel-chairs (persons, who accompany), please, call on +38 063 980 6749 (24/7) and inform on the arrival time at the airport.

The access of vehicles is possible provided the relevant documents regarding reduced mobility are submitted to SE IA Boryspil staff, responsible for giving access to the Terminal first line.

Boryspil Airport provides all the necessary conditions for passengers with special needs who enjoy assistance while at the terminals, during boarding and disembarking.

Assistance to passengers with special needs should be requested when booking and no later than 72 hours prior to departure. If this information was unavailable when booking, please contact your carrier`s representative or a handling agent at a check-in counter.

Boryspil Airport`s staff completed specific training in providing assistance to passengers with special needs and received relevant certificates.

For the convenience of passengers with special needs the terminals of Boryspil Airport are equipped with wheelchair ramps located near entrances/exits, disabled toilets, lifts, public phones located at the height of 80 cm; help desks and passport control counters are constructed so as to render services to passengers on wheelchairs.

There`s a sufficient quantity of free wheelchairs. Thanks to specific design features the airport staff is provided with an opportunity to transport passengers with special needs up the staircases, passenger loading stands, as well as into the cabin. A special ambulift, transporting passengers with special needs, runs on Boryspil Airport`s apron.

In accordance with Article 30 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Principles of Social Protection of People with Special Needs in Ukraine” No.876-XII dated 23.03.1991, the owners of specially equipped or alloted parking space provide allocation and equipping of free parking lots for vehicles of passengers with reduced mobility, their family members, who are assigned the right of driving according to the procedure of providing people with special needs with the vehicles, and legal representatives of the physically challenged people or children, who carry people (children) with reduced mobility, as well as for free parking of vehicles of enterprises, institutions, NGOs assisting people with special needs and the population social protection sphere, carrying people (children) with reduced mobility. The number of free parking lots is not less than 10% of the total quantity of lots in the specially equipped or alloted space, but not less than for one vehicle with the marking of these lots with traffic signs and the relevant striping.

In accordance with Point 4 of the Procedure of providing benefits for the people with special needs, their family members, legal representatives of the physically challenged people or children, enterprises, institutions, NGOs assisting people with special needs and the population social protection sphere for free parking and watching over the vehicles, approved by the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 585 dated 25.05.2011, the document, certifying the right for free parking of a vehicle is a pension certificate or a сertificate of a government social assistance recipient, paid instead of pension, with the disability record caused by the reduced mobility.