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KBP Agent Feedback Programme

Open Line

Kiev Boryspil International airport appreciates your feedback.

Please note that this feedback form is not designed to provide up-to-date information on flights, schedules, etc.

Detailed information on Kiev Boryspil International airport`s help desk is available on LINK.

The airport`s service is entitled not to respond to a message in case it does not stipulates for answer, violates the law, does not comply with rules of morality or is offensive, is not related to the airport`s services and operations, or does not contain a question.

The feedback and responses are non-official.

To receive an official response a client should send a reference addressed to the airport`s top manager and issue the document according to the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Appeals”.

Postal address: SE Boryspil International airport, Boryspil City, Kiev region, Ukraine, 08307

Fax: +380 44 281-71-22.


Boryspil International airport`s Open Line (voice mail):

+38 (044) 585-74-11, +38 (044) 281-78-78

Hotline State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

+38 (044) 527-63-63

Hotline Customs

+38 (044) 247-27-19, +38 (044) 281-73-79

Internal Security Division State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

(in case of customs inclearance or misconduct)

+38 (044) 246-23-55

Boryspil International airport`s police office

+38 (044) 281-70-02

Boryspil International airport`s first aid office

+38 (044) 281-70-73

Please use this hotline in case of corruption offence by Boryspil International airport`s staff

In case you are armed with any information on corruption, official misconduct or other violations by the airport`s staff, please, call:

+38 (044) 281-73-28.