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Parking plane

If you come to Boryspil International Airport by your own vehicle, you can use one of the parking areas located at the airport.

Attention! Parking in all parking places is free for the first 10 or 15 minutes (pay attention to the information displayed at the entrance). Parking over the specified period is paid in full, starting from the 1st minute.

Right for free parking applies to drivers with disabilities or drivers for people with disabilities pursuant to p.22 of Vehicle parking rules approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree No1342 dated 03.12.2009 of Law of Ukraine About basics of social security of people with diasbilities in Ukraine.

Dear drivers!

Please be informed that following parking lots are now operational:

multileveled Parking, P1, Р2, Р3, Р4, Р5, Р6, Р7, Р8, Рvip.

Other parking lots will be opened eventually considering the passenger flow and load on the parking lots already in operation.

Attention! All parking lots are free of charge for the first 10 or 15 minutes. Please note the information when entering the parking lot.

Car parking plan

Multi-level parking +38 (063) 317 03 11

Parking P1 +380 (63) 345-86-90

Parking P2   +38 (063) 980-65-92

Parking P3   +38 (063) 980-65-93

Parking P4  +38 (063) 345-87-47

Parking P5   +38 (044) 281-71-97   +38 (063) 345-87-56

Parking P6  +38 (044) 281-79-01  +38 (063) 345-87-47

Parking P7 +38 (063) 980-65-96

Parking P8 +38 (063) 980-66-19

Parking P10 +38(063) 757-02-06

Parking P11 +38 (073) 213-71-54

Parking P12 +38 (063) 345-87-36

Airtravel Information service: +38 (044) 339 97 07