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Airtravel Information service plane

 +38 044 364 4505 – Kyiv’s fixed phone number (free information is available about the actual movement of flights to / from Boryspil airport solely on the current day)

Information office of Boryspil International Airport provides the most operative and reliable information/services to passengers and airport customers in three languages ​​(Ukrainian, English and Russian), 24 hours / day, 7 days a week, such as:

  • an exact information about actual movement of flights to / from Boryspil airport;
  • rules and cost of the carriage of passengers, luggage, carry-on luggage, animals, sports equipment, etc.;
  • rules transportation of oversized luggage with cost indication of excess baggage;
  • immigration and customs regulations;
  • rules of passenger’s procedures (departure / arrival flights): check-in, security, customs and passport controls;
  • season timetable;
  • security rules at the airports and on board;
  • contact information of Boryspil International Airport structural units, public services and offices at Boryspil airport area;
  • contact information of Ukrainian and international airlines, and diplomatic representatives;
  • timetables of public transport to/from Boryspil International Airport.