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Space renting plane

If you are interested in renting commercial space at the terminals of Boryspil airport and the territory adjacent to it, leasing offices, warehouses and other premises of Boryspil International Airport, please read the following information.

The real estate of Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise belongs to public property; therefore the procedure for its transfer to rent is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Renting of Public and Communal Property”. According to Article 5 of this Law, the landlord of real estate is the Regional Department of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in Kyiv region.

The following renting procedure is established at Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise:

A legal entity or an individual wishing to receive an area at the airport for business for the payment period must send a commercial offer to the address of the enterprise along with an official letter addressed to Pavlo B. Riabikin, the Chief Executive Officer of Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise, Boryspil-7, Hora village, Boryspil district, Kyiv region, 08300, Fax +380 44 281 7122. The airport management considers such a request and responds in terms of possibility or impossibility of renting. In this case, several factors are taken into account, including the availability of free commercial space, the targeted use of property, the compliance with the general concept of commercial space placement, approved at the airport, etc.
In case of receiving a positive answer regarding the possibility of real estate renting, a potential tenant applies to the Regional Department of the State Property Fund of Ukraine for the Kyiv region with the initiative to conclude a lease agreement. Subsequent stages of the contract signing are in accordance with the above-mentioned law.

The size of the rent is determined on the basis of the Methodology for calculating the rent for state property and the proportion of its distribution, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 786 dated October 4, 1995.
A regional branch of the State Property Fund of Ukraine may announce a tender for the right to lease real estate (if two or more applications for the lease of property have been received in the course of studying the demand for one rental object). The tender is conducted using transparency of offering the amount of the rent payment on the principle of the auction. The main criterion for determining the winner is the largest amount of the rent payment including mandatory fulfilment of the main and other terms and conditions of the tender.
Any additional information about the leasing procedure at Boryspil airport can be obtained from the Lease Relations Department of Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise over telephone: 281-70-19, 281-73-97, 281-76-38.