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Leasing plane

Real and movable property of Boryspil IA SE belongs to the state, therefore, the procedure for letting out for lease is stipulated by the Law of Ukraine On the lease of state and communal property No.157-IX dated 03.10.2019, hereinafter referred to as the Law, and The Procedure for lease of state and communal property, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Decree No. 483 dated 03.06.2020, hereinafter referred to as the Procedure.

In accordance with the Law, leasing of the state and communal property, that includes the prolongation of effective Leasing Agreements, is provided by the medium of selling the right for leasing of property on the electronic auction in Electronic Trading System Prozorro. Trade, hereinafter referred to as the ETS.

According to the Law, all potential leasing objects are segregated into two Lists, of the first and second type. You can brief on the objects of the Airport included in the respective List by the State Property Fund Regional Department for Kyiv, Cherkassy and Chernihiv regions at the State Property Fund of Ukraine website, available at: http://www.spfu.gov.ua/ua/content/spf-rent-pereliki-majna-schodo-yakogo-prijnyato-rishennya-pro-peredachu-v-orendu.html

In case you are interested in the leasing of the object, which is still not included in the respective List, you need to address the Leasing Holder with the request to include this property to the respective List type, as required by the Procedure.

Forms of requests for including the leasing object in the First or Second Type Lists are available at the State Property Fund Regional Department for Kyiv, Cherkassy and Chernihiv regions web site, at: http://www.spfu.gov.ua/ua/regions/kievobl/spf-rent-Informaciya-dlya-orendariv.html

The request is reviewed by the State Property Fund Regional Department for Kyiv, Cherkassy and Chernihiv regions, Boryspil IA SE and Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. The results of the decision will be informed via an official letter as per procedures and terms defined by the abovementioned regulations.

Address of the State Property Fund Regional Department for Kyiv, Cherkassy and Chernihiv regions: Ukraine, Kyiv 03039, Holosiivskyi Prospekt 50 Str.; e-mail: [email protected]. Telephone number for Leasing Department: (044) 200-25-28, (044) 200-25-27.

Address of Boryspil IA SE: Ukraine, Kyiv region, Boryspil district, Hora village 08300, Boryspil-7 Str.; e-mail: [email protected]. You can get advice regarding the procedure for including the object in the respective List via Tel. (044) 281-70-19.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that in order to familiarize yourself with the rental object, for which the auction has been announced, it is necessary to agree on a time and issue a safe-conduct. Applications for inspection of the rental object are accepted from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., on Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (lunch break from 1:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.). Consultations on obtaining safe-conducts and the time of visiting the object can be obtained by phone: (044) 281-76-52

During the period of martial law, the transfer and return of immovable/movable property, which is on the balance sheet of Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise, is regulated by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 634 dated May 27, 2022 On Peculiarities of Leasing State and Municipal Property During Martial Law as amended.


«Airport territories Leasing Regulations»

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