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The premier VIP Lounge of Boryspil International Airport is an atmosphere of comfort, modern interior and aesthetic pleasure.

Cosy rooms of Premier VIP Lounge will allow you to go private and be helpful for business meetings. Fine drinks and varied dishes will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding gourmets. Exhibitions of popular Ukrainian and foreign artists will be an inspiration. Professional and qualified staff will meet, help with luggage and escort to the aircraft or back.

A separate point for passing passport control and aviation security control, executive class cars and an individual approach to service – your comfort is a priority for us.

Book now the service in the Premier VIP Lounge and give yourself or your guests a pleasant start or end to your journey.

On-line booking


Premier VIP Lounge Services 

  • meeting a passenger (a group of passengers) or boarding a plane by a VIP lounge assistant;
  • organization of the check-in procedure for air tickets and baggage (check-in of air tickets and seat selection in the aircraft cabin is carried out in accordance with the rules established by the air carrier) ;
  • stay in the Premier VIP Lounge for 3 hours (for transfer ** passengers – within 6 hours ) ;
  • pickup service of passengers from / to the aircraft by a separate minibus or premium BMW passenger car;
  • taking care of your luggage during the whole journey at the airport;
  • individual parking;
  • high-speed and uninterrupted WI-FI throughout the Premier VIP Lounge;
  • fax, printer, copier, scanner;
  • passing of passport and customs control through the separate points;
  • bar services:

   ○ alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks;

   ○ breakfasts, main courses, snacks and desserts;

  • servicing of one meeter / greeter (in the presence of a passenger).

** A transfer passenger is a passenger who, according to the ticket, arrived from the point of departure to Boryspil Airport (a transfer point) on one flight and continues the journey to the point of destination on another flight for a period not exceeding 24 hours, and at the same time submitted a request for the range of services on arrival and departure in the Premier VIP Lounge. This definition applies to passengers, who are serviced within 24 hours, returning to the starting point. This rule does not apply to “round-trip” passengers.

For transfer / transit passengers, who do not cross the state border of Ukraine, the following services of the Premier VIP Lounge are not available:

– use of a separate room for rest and negotiations, if available;

– use of the business corner.

Additional Services

  • the possibility of additional stay in the Premier VIP Lounge for 3 hours on the terms of the main range of services;
  • use of private and meeting rooms, if available (check availability and book in advance).

Servicing of a meeter / a greeter

  • the possibility of staying in the Premier VIP Lounge for 3 hours;
  • individual parking;
  • high-speed and uninterrupted WI-FI throughout the Premier VIP Lounge;
  • fax, printer, copier, scanner;
  • bar services:

 ○ alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks;

 ○ breakfasts, main courses, appetizers and desserts.

Cost of the Service

  • Servicing of one passenger on arrival or departure – 5 400 UAH
  • Servicing of children from 2 to 12 years old accompanied by adults – 2 700 UAH
  • Servicing of one transfer passenger – 8 100 UAH
  • Servicing of one transfer passenger, a child from 2 to 12 years old – 4 050 UAH
  • Servicing of children under 2 years old accompanied by adults – no payment will be charged.

Other Services:

  • the possibility of additional stay in the Premier VIP Lounge for 3 hours – 990 UAH
  • servicing of a meeter / a greeter – 990 UAH
  • booking of a separate room – 2 070 UAH / hour
  • use of Premier VIP Lounge parking after the end of the service period:
    • one hour or a part of it: 40 UAH, VAT included
    • one day or part of it (if parking is less / within 10 hours a day, hourly payment is applied): 400 UAH, VAT included

For passengers, the flight for departure of whom delay, the value is applied starting from the actual time of departure with the addition of 25 minutes.

For passengers, the flight for arrival of whom is delayed, the cost is applied starting from the actual time of arrival of the flight with the addition of 3 hours 25 minutes.

Booking Cancellation / Shifting

  1.  In case when servicing of a passenger is interrupted for reasons beyond Boryspil Airport reasons, and if the customer in time, not later than one hour prior to the planned arrival and 2 hours prior to the planned departure, have not cancelled the booking, 50% of the booked cost of the services will be charged. In such a case, the possibility of servicing of one greeter/one meeter is not included.
  2. If the flight for departure is delayed or cancelled, and check-in process has not started yet, a passenger, in case of cancellation of the service booking, shall pay the cost of an additional stay in the Premier VIP Lounge of Boryspil Airport.
  3. If a transfer passenger cancels a part of the trip, the cost for servicing does not change (100% of the cost of the transfer passenger’s service is charged).

Service Booking (24/7):

On-line booking
Tel.: +38 (044) 281-71-54;
+38 (063) 980-70-02

[email protected]

You order VIP service, when you become a connoisseur of your time.