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Training course benefits

Our Training centre will work with you to deliver a robust aviation security training program.  High practical relevance through application-oriented knowledge transfer and real-world examples: all contents are presented application-oriented and supported by our experiences and results.

Training course quality

Our instructors with practical experience provide a participants perspective: individual, effective knowledge transfer by means of flexible focus, small groups, and proven training methods (at a maximum of 16 participants per group), our courses leave enough time for individual questions or professional exchange and can be adapted to the requirements and previous knowledge of the participants. As you would expect, our training programs are under constant review.  The aim is to make sure the content is fully up-to-date and that it reflects current legislation and best practice.

At AVSEC, we understand how to produce training programs that your staff will find relevant and easy to understand.  Each course is structured so your staff can learn new information and skills in a way – and at a pace – that best suits their capabilities.

Comprehensive learning material (handbook) as a useful reference: our manuals include all necessary information for every course.

Training rooms and amenities

Our training rooms are specially designed for a training process and equipped with all necessary devices, training material, Wi-Fi access, break out room.

Thanks to our professional approach and team of qualified instructors, you can train in a unique aviation security environment. Visit us to make the most of a fully-equipped training class, use of an operational airport.

We provide a high quality training facility with experienced staff that will make your learning experience go further.