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Rubanov Sergiy, ICAO AVSEC Training centre Director, joined Training centre in 2000 and since 2011 is acting as Director of ICAO Training centre, heading up the training process, developing aviation security training programs for the different categories of personnel. His professional experience in the field of aviation security is more than 30 years, since 2005 he is a certified ICAO instructor.

All our instructors are experts in their field with practical experience and deliver the highest quality material in a compelling and enthusiastic way. We provide a high quality training facility with experienced staff that will make your learning experience go further.

Staff of the Training Centre:

Rubanov Sergiy                                   ICAO AVSEC Training centre Director

Ivanchenko Oksana                            Head of the training-methodical process

Oksamyt Dmytro                                 Training area Manager

Saiko Svitlana                                       Senior Methodist

Nevedomsky Eduard                          Senior Instructor

Safarova Iryna                                      Senior Instructor

Aleinikova Anastasia                          Instructor

Deineka Tetiana                                   Instructor

Kucher Grygory                                    Instructor

Nikitchenko Yana                                Instructor

Parkhomenko Olga                             Instructor

Serdiuk Andriy                                     Instructor

Siurenko Volodymyr                          Instructor