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Champions League 2018 plane

Attention air carriers who intend to operate charter, ad-hoc and general aviation flights to Boryspil International Airport (Kyiv) between 25th May and 27th May 2018 for the UEFA Champions League Final.

The UEFA Champions League Final will be held in Kyiv on May 26, 2018. For this Event, the great number of associated flights – both charters with fans and general aviation flights – is expected. To provide the appropriate level of services, Boryspil Airport will implement a series of its infrastructure utilization restrictions as well as additional rules for slot allocation.

The Event slot clearance requests (SCRs) processing will start once both teams have been announced. Official closing date for slot applications is 23rd May. Only changes allowed.

Slot requests must be sent in SCR format to e-mail kbp_schedule@kbp.kiev.ua. In case of any SSIM error, the message will be returned for correction.

All SCRs and GCRs shall contain turnaround arrival and departure requests (linked format) in order to aid parking (including ferries with service type “P”).

Due to expected high demand on airport capacity between 25th May and 27th May and limited number of parking stands, be advised that overnight and long-term stops could not be provided for the expected number of aircraft. The Aircraft Operators are recommended to request overnight/long-term stops at other Ukrainian or neighboring states’ airports.

The slot coordination procedure and slot allocation priority will be published and distributed additionally at the end of March, 2018.