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COVID-19 – answers to frequently asked questions of passengers plane

1. What do the departing/arriving passengers at Boryspil International Airport should know?

AT HOME (before going to the airport):

  • Pay attention to your well-being and cancel the trip if you have such symptoms as: high temperature (38º and higher), fever, cough, laboured breathing, loss of ability to taste or smell.
  • Fill in the Notice (information form) provided by the airline about your health condition (if required by the airline).
  • Provide for medical masks (at the rate of 1 mask for 2-3 hours of the entire trip), disposable gloves and a sanitizer (up to 100 ml).
  • Check all the necessary documents for travel and be sure to check the conditions of border crossing and stay in the country of arrival (https://tripadvisor.mfa.gov.ua/?page_id=1973).
  • Schedule your departure in advance to have enough time to travel to the airport and complete the required formalities. We recommend arriving at the terminal no later than 3-4 hours prior the scheduled departure of your flight.


  • If you have any questions, please contact the airport staff at information desk.
  • Entrance to the terminal is allowed only for passengers with a boarding pass or ticket (in electronic or paper form) wearing medical masks. Access to the terminal for those who accompany or meet passengers is limited. There are some special exceptions for accompanying people (e.g. accompaniment for passengers with reduced mobility, unaccompanied children, etc.).
  • Be prepared for the temperature screening in the terminal. In cases where the temperature exceeds 38 ° C, and if you visually have the following symptoms: fever, cough, labored breath – you may be not allowed to enter the terminal or board the plane.
  • Please, follow restrictive signs and signs indicating the distance requirement. Wear protective medical masks and do not forget to use your own or installed in the terminal sanitizers.
  • At check-in, aviation security and passport control: provide documents unfolded and without covers, be prepared to remove the medical mask for a short time or at the request of the inspector.


  • Follow physical distance and hand hygiene. Wear and do not remove the medical mask.
  • Provide documents unfolded and without covers, be prepared to remove the medical mask for a short time at the request of the inspector.
  • For border crossing conditions, see What are the border crossing rules for passengers arriving in Ukraine?
  • Pick up your luggage and leave the terminal building in due course.
  • Reduce the risk of transmitting the virus by minimally interacting with people at the arrival terminal.
2. When will flights from Ukraine to "Your version of the country" resume? Where to get relevant information?
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many countries are currently in the process of defining policies on opening their borders, the entry of foreigners and the resumption of scheduled flights. The information is constantly changing depending on the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19. That is why we recommend that you read the information on the official websites of the destination country or at the embassies and consulates of the destination country located in the territory of the host country.
    • To plan your trips abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic you can use the interactive map of the world developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, which allows you to check the current transit and entry mode for Ukrainian citizens in any country in the world. The map is available at: https://tripadvisor.mfa.gov.ua/map
    • We recommend that you visit the IATA website to find out the current entry requirements for the destination you are going to – Interactive Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Regulations Map. https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/international-travel-document-news/1580226297.htm
    • If you do not have enough information, or you want to check the information from the above sites, you can use the Handbook on border opening in Europe from the European Commission.
3. What are the rules for crossing the border for passengers arriving in Ukraine?

Due to quarantine restrictions, passengers need to consider changes and supplements to the rules of passport control at Boryspil Airport. The rules are set out on the website of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

Currently, countries are divided into two categories: the green list and the red list. The Cabinet of Ministers amended Resolution №392, which changed the criteria for determining the “red zone” countries, in particular, changed the number of active patients per 100,000 population from 40 to 55. Statistics are compiled and published by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

We advise that you read the information page created especially for tourists and visitors to Ukraine. The page provides explanations on the rules of crossing the border for passengers from the “green” and “red” zones, also at the link it is possible to issue an insurance policy online – https://visitukraine.today/ua

If you have additional questions, you can ask the Border Guard Service of Ukraine for clarification.

4. Algorithm for stopping self-isolation for those who have crossed the state border. Published by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on July 7, 2020 at 14:46.

The algorithm was developed in pursuance of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 392 (as amended) of May 20, 2020 “On the establishment of quarantine to prevent the spread of acute respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2”.

The algorithm for stopping self-isolation for those crossed the state border and the list of laboratories authorized for the transmission of the results of COVID-19 testing by PCR to stop self-isolation through the application “Act at home” at the link:


Please note that the list of laboratories may change, so be sure to review it in advance on the day of visiting the selected laboratory.

5. If I fly from the country of the red zone in transit through Boryspil, do I need to go for self-isolation / observation?

For foreign citizens, there is no possibility to do the PCR test in Ukraine or self-isolate. In the absence of a test and/or insurance policy the border crossing for entry or transit will be denied.

Citizens of Ukraine and holders of a permanent residence permit to enter and transit the territory of Ukraine need to have a negative PCR test, which was carried out a maximum of 72 hours before crossing the border. In the absence of a test, you must install the “Vdoma” application – and go to a 14-day self-isolation.It is possible to complete self-isolation ahead of time in case of a negative PCR test result.

The results of a negative PCR test for COVID-19 and an insurance policy are not required from transfer passengers who do not leave the airport transit zone and do not cross the border of Ukraine (unless otherwise provided by the requirements of the country that is the final point of their route).

6. Will the carriage be refused if the passenger does not have any documents required by the country of destination?

According to the Aviation Rules of State Aviation Service of Ukraine Rules of air transportation and service of passengers and luggage (XXV. Administrative formalities):

  • The passenger is responsible for obtaining all necessary documents for the trip, including visas, permits, certificates, etc., as well as for compliance with the requirements of the legislation on departure, entry, transit to the country of departure, arrival and transit.
  • The air carrier is not responsible for the consequences of the passenger’s non-compliance with the legislation of the countries of departure, arrival and transit or the passenger’s lack of documents required for the trip.
  • At the request of the air carrier, the passenger must present to the authorized persons of the air carrier, representatives of the relevant government agencies all documents for departure, entry, transit, health status and other documents required by the applicable law. The air carrier has the right to make copies of the passenger’s travel documents and store them in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.
  • The air carrier has the right to refuse to carry a passenger who has not complied with applicable laws or whose documents have not been processed properly.
7. Is it obligatory to go for self-isolation immediately after arrival, or is it possible to go to the final destination, for example in another city?

Self-isolation can be arranged at the final destination. After crossing the border checkpoint and installing the Act at home application, passengers are given one day to reach their final destination.

8. Who pays for observation and treatment of foreigners in Ukraine?

For the period of quarantine, it is prohibited for foreigners, persons without citizenship to cross the border (except for those who have permanent residence in Ukraine, are recognized as refugees or persons in need of additional protection) without the relevant insurance policy (certificate, insurance) for COVID-19 treatment and observation. Treatment and observation are paid by the insurer in accordance with the policy (certificate, insurance) of insurance costs, or by such persons themselves.

We also recommend reading the information page created especially for tourists and visitors to Ukraine. The page provides explanations on the rules of crossing the border for passengers from the green and red zone, also the link provides to apply for an insurance policy online.


9. How to check whether my flight is served/cancelled?

You can check the current status of the flight on the airline’s online scoreboard. To do this, you need to open the official website of the airline in the browser and find the tab online board, then you need to enter the place of departure, arrival, date of travel and the flight number. After filling in the appropriate fields, you will find out the current status of the flight.

Links to online boards of Ukrainian airlines:

10. Is the information on the Airport online schedule is true, maybe my flight was postponed or canceled?

The online scoreboard of the airport displays information about all announced flights as of today and tomorrow. The information is constantly updated depending on the decisions and applications of the airlines.

11. Can I buy a ticket from you?

The airport does not sell tickets. You can choose the destination you are interested in and book a ticket on the official websites of the airlines.

12. Where can I meet arriving passengers?

Due to quarantine restrictions, only passengers with a ticket or boarding pass, crew members and airport staff can enter the Boryspil Airport Terminal. Therefore, you can meet arriving passengers at the following airport locations:

  • The station forecourt near Terminal D – the area for buses and taxis departure. This meeting point is within walking distance of railway platform. If you come to meet passengers by car – use the terminal parking lots. The map of parking spaces is available at https://kbp.aero/transport/parking/
  • The 3rd floor lobby of the multilevel parking. The entrance and exit to/from Terminal D and aviation security control starts here. In order to meet those who have arrived in this lobby, inform them in advance that they should take the escalator or elevator up to the 2nd floor of Terminal D from the arrival area. No need to leave the terminal and cross the bridge to the multi-level parking lot.
  • The overpass near Terminal D. The “Kiss and Fly” principle is applied here – there are road signs prohibiting car parking and limiting the duration of the stop to 3 minutes. If you decide to meet the arriving passengers on the overpass, inform them in advance that they should take the escalator or elevator up to the 3rd floor of Terminal D. You should only enter the overpass when you are sure that the passengers have left the Terminal and are waiting for you in the agreed meeting point on the overpass.