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Aigle Azur has gone bankrupt and canceled flights

The French civil aviation authorities and the judiciary have ordered Aigle Azur to cancel all flights from Saturday, September 7, regardless of the departure airport.

The company’s official website stated that “Aigle Azur, experiencing major economic difficulties, is unfortunately obliged to cancel all flights beginning from 07.09.2019. The company’s financial position and related operational difficulties make it impossible to secure flights after the evening of September 6.  In addition, the current financial position of the company does not allow us to expect quick compensation for the value of unused tickets, which is also reported on the company website.

Passengers will have to claim their rights and claims in accordance with the procedure at: www.aigleazur.online

Airlines information and contacts:



Head Office: CS 90001

91781 Paray Vieille Poste – Cedex – FRANCE

Main Call Center:

+ 351 213 513 260

Web: https://www.aigle-azur.com/
E-mail: callcenter@aigle-azur.fr