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Boryspil Airport handled 572.5 tons of cargo in the first week of April

Boryspil International Airport handled 572 508 kg of cargo from April 1 to April 6, 2020.

For Boryspil Airport, cargo operations have always been not the main, but a supporting activity, as the cargo terminal’s output is limited and requires urgent modernization.

In pre-quarantine time, the bulk of cargo fell on the territory of Ukraine onboard the passenger aircrafts. This is a global practice and Boryspil is not an exception. Also, part of the cargo was delivered by the cargo aircrafts.  For example, Silk Way is a longtime airport partner.

But since quarantine was introduced, the situation has changed. Due to air traffic restrictions during the quarantine period, freight companies, or companies that reassigned passenger aircrafts to cargo transportation, got the first place in terms of cargo turnover.

Thus, the top-5 carriers for the first week of April 2020 were: Silk Way West Airlines, Turkish Airlines, European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH, SkyUp Airlines, Israir Airlines. Though, in April 2019, the top-5 were: Ukraine International Airlines, Turkish Airlines, European Air Transport Leipzig GmbH, Silk Way West Airlines, Astral Aviation.