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Boryspil Airport Welcomes 10-Million Passenger of 2018

On 16 October 2018, Boryspil International Airport traditionally celebrated the departure of its 10-million passenger. In 2018, charming Olena Shishlovska was titled a jubilee, departing to Prague via Czhech Airlines.

It was a complete surprise for her, as she arrived to Boryspil by chance. That day, Olena was supposed to have a flight from Zhuliany Airport, yet as a matter of misunderstanding, she was late for the departure. As the meeting abroad was of great urgency, the girl decided to depart from Boryspil. As a result, “wasted” ticket and precious time were made up for with as celebration arranged for the 10-million passenger, which begun directly from the check-in!

A special passenger was welcomed with the greetings from Boryspil Airport CEO Pavlo Riabikin and Czech Airlines Commercial Director Pavel Dohnal. The surprising musical act was prepared by Kvartal-Concert (scenic performance based on the amazing rock-opera “Orpheus and Eurydice Forever”) and violinist Vasyl Popadiuk, travel giftware provided by ZABUGORLuxury Travel Club, and additional gifts by FAST LINE and Elephant Pub. We sincerely congratulate our 10-million passenger and wish her remarkable air travels!