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Last Friday, on December 15th 2017, we welcomed our first married couple, who decided to use the new airport service and get «hitched» under «the sounds of aircraft engines». Again, we would like to congratulate Yuliia and Maksim Tyshelkovy and wish them endless amount of happiness! We invite everyone to check out the most enigmatic «corners» of the first «avia» wedding in Ukraine. And, of course, we thank all our amazing partners for all the help and support during the preparations of this unique event.

In particular, we would like to thank Salon Siniy Lyon for exclusive outfits for the newlyweds and their entourage; the wedding agency MARY for designing a romantic setting for the ceremony; Ekaterina Potlova for the original decorations and accessories. We also kindly thank Boyko Beauty School, AVstyle beauty studio and our «sweet» partner – the Lauffer Group. Special acknowledgement from the newlyweds is to AVIS Ukraine for the present – a rental car for the magical weekend – and to the hotel-restaurant complex «Viktoriya Family» for the romance of the wedding night.

By the way, if you also dream of a unique wedding in «Boryspil», we will gladly help you with the organization. For more details on «Marriage in a Day» please contact +38 093 202 01 10 or send an email to: wedding24boryspil@kbp.aero