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Changes in the rules of border crossing: mandatory self-isolation for certain categories of passengers

02 August 2021

To cross the Ukrainian border, foreigners or stateless persons must present an insurance and one of these three documents: a negative PCR test / a rapid test taken no more than 72 hours before crossing the border, or a certificate of full vaccination with vaccines authorized by WHO for use in emergencies.


For foreigners, self-isolation is mandatory for the period of10 days (except for persons under 12 and other categories of foreigners specified by government decree).

Self-isolation begins 72 hours after the arrival in Ukraine. The foreigner must install the “Vdoma” application. Self-isolation does not begin or immediately ends in the case of a negative test (PCR or express). In case of refusal or impossibility to install the “Vdoma” application, the foreigner will not be allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine.

Foreigners with an insurance and a document certifying full vaccination do not need self-isolation.

Ukrainian citizens returning home also need a 10-day self-isolation, which should begin 72 hours after crossing the border.

Self-isolation is not required for those having a certificate of complete vaccination, or a document issued in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Health Protection, confirming the first dose of vaccination. Citizens of Ukraine under 18 and Ukrainians who went abroad before August 4 are also exempt from the necessity to isolate themselves.

Self-isolation begins 72 hours after crossing the border. It is not required or is to be terminated when a negative COVID test (PCR or rapid test) is obtained, except for those who came from Russia or India.

For those unvaccinated persons, regardless of citizenship, who came from Russia or India and stayed in the territory of these countries for more than 7 days during the last two weeks, a mandatory 14-day self-isolation is established without the right to its early termination. The period of self-isolation begins from the moment of crossing the border and cannot be terminated in any case.