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Information on the operations of Boryspil International Airport (KBP) during the period of restrictive measures

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 287-r of March 14, 2020, Ukraine temporarily closes the international scheduled passenger service from March 17, 00:00, Kyiv time until April 3, 2020.

Due to the enactment of decrees of the President of Ukraine and Regulations of State Bodies on restriction of travel and mobility in order to prevent the spread of acute respiratory illness caused by coronavirus (COVID-19), Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise informs on the implementation of the following actions:

– During the day of March 17, 44 scheduled flights for arrival and 26 scheduled flights for departure are to be operated at terminal D and terminal F of Boryspil International Airport.

– In order to optimize business activities and reduce the cost of infrastructure maintenance, charter, sanitary, evacuation and other technical flights of international air traffic will be transferred from terminal D to terminal F at 00:01 Kyiv time on March 18.  The relevant notification is also addressed to all counterparties and tenants located onsite terminal D of  Boryspil International Airport in order to taking the decision on limitation of their functional or economic activity.

– Administration of Boryspil International Airport SE has made a decision to provide the airport with the minimum necessary number of employees.

– Regular and emergency structural units of the airport will be involved in the amount which is necessary to maintain an adequate level of security provision in case of emergency.

– In order to reduce the maintenance expenditures of the airport, measures are being taken to ensure uninterrupted shutdown of facilities and particular systems of the enterprise, while simultaneously increasing fire and technogenic safety at the facilities of Boryspil International Airport, which temporarily suspend their work.

Unfortunately, the limitation of economic activity of the airport due to the termination of the regular passenger air service will result in a significant decrease in the company’s revenues.

At the time of restrictive measures, a part of the airport falls asleep.  But we sincerely hope that in the near future the world will be able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and the planes will fill the skies over Ukraine and over Boryspil again.

Let’s protect public health – let’s wash our hands for at least 30 seconds and adhere to the quarantine rules!