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November 2020 Results

08 December 2020

Due to the quarantine restrictions in Ukraine as well as changes in border crossing rules in many countries and COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a heavy drop in the passenger traffic of Boryspil International Airport as compared to the previous year performance.

Following the results of November 2020, Boryspil International Airport has serviced 303, 399 passengers that is 73.3% less than for the same period of the previous year (November 2019 – 1, 137, 322 passengers). The total passenger traffic for 11 months of this year has amounted to 4, 834, 158 passengers that is 66% less than for the same period of 2019.

Moreover, for eleven months of this year there has been a reduction in the share of transfer passengers as compared to the same period of the previous year. For the period January – November 2019, there had been 3, 077, 272 transfer passengers serviced that is 21.7% from the total passenger traffic, and for the same period 2020 there have been 448, 738 passengers serviced that is 9.3% from the total passenger traffic.