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Passenger flow at Boryspil International Airport amounted to 9.4 million by the results of 2021

06 January 2022

Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise handled 9 433 000 passengers in 2021, that includes 8 797 800 passengers of scheduled flights, 635 200 passengers of unscheduled flights. Comparing with the pre-crisis 2019, the passenger flow restored by 62%. During 2021, 75 854 flights arrived to and departed from the Airport (namely, 64 507 international and 11 347 domestic flights), which amounted to 68,5% of 2019 results.

“In 2021, Boryspil Airport passenger flow restored by 83% comparing with 2020, which is more than by 4.2 million passengers. Airlines and airports learned how to work under the conditions of pandemic and to manage the crisis. Despite the activation of Omicron, which forced a range of countries to close the air connection, experts consider 2022 to be the period of rejuvenation of the aviation market. As the Airport, in 2021 we put increased efforts on attracting new airlines and launching new routes and destinations. As of today, 38 airlines work with the Airport, of these 9 airlines entered the market for the first time, out of 117 operated destinations, 12 are new”, informed Boryspil IA SE Director General Oleksiy Dubrevskyy.

Major part of travelers visited Turkey – 24% and Egypt – 18%. Top 10 destinations with the highest passenger flow are: Antalya, Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Istanbul, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Dalaman, Ankara and Odessa. In total, share of travelers to these countries amounted to 52%.

Cargo flow in 2021 hit 45 675 tons, a record for the last four years, which surpasses the cargo flow of 2019 by 8,7%. Volume of handled mail amounted to 6 828 tons, which makes 69,5% of 2019 results.

“Cargo segment remains stable and demonstrates the positive increase dynamics. As of today, Boryspil Airport Cargo Terminal is operated on the brink of its peak load, therefore in 2022 we plan to begin the construction of new Cargo Terminal with capacity amounting to 120 thousand tons per year. The implementation of this project will allow us to transform into the cargo aviation hub by European standards”, mentioned Oleksiy Dubrevskyy.

In December 2021, passenger flow amounted to 707 500 passengers, 6 263 flights, 5 399 tons of cargo and 644 tons of mail were handled.