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Top 6 Tips to Avoid Troubles while Check-in for Flight

We know you like starting your travels with Boryspil International Airport. And we want only positive impressions to be left after the journeys.

Due to COVID-19 pandemics there appeared plenty of innovations for travellers and along with them unpleasant situations occur. For example, when at the check-in counter passengers are denied to be checked-in for flight due to the lack of PCR test or other document.

We want to help you get ready for flight and explain the limits of responsibility and decision logic of the staff of the airport services and handling companies, which provide passenger service.

The airport staff does not always work at the check-in counter. Depending on the airline chosen by you, you will be checked-in by the private company representative. More than two dozens of airlines are serviced at Boryspil Airport, each of them having its own passenger transportation rules. But tests for COVID, vaccination and other additional requirements to passengers are the requirements of the states, but not the airlines.

The employee at the check-in desk is entitled to check passenger’s documents, necessary for travel, in particular, visas, permits, certificates, required by the destination country and air carrier. But the final decision on the chance to fly can be made only by the airline representative.

Sometimes, while at check-in at the airport the full package of documents is agreed with the border service and visa control of the country you are flying to. To some extent it protects you. As a matter of fact, you avoid risk when upon arrival to the other country you will not be able to cross the border, for example, due to the lack of some documents.

Therefore, we share top 6 tips with you to avoid troubles while check-in for flight.

  • Prior to buy a ticket, please check the rules of border crossing and stay in the destination country;
  • Use official sources of information
  • Check the flight rules of the airline you are flying with in advance.
  • The rules can change. 24 hours prior to departure we recommend you to check the presence of all documents necessary for travel once more and additionally mandatory check the rules of border crossing and stay in the destination country.
  • Plan your departure from home in advance to have enough time for trip to the airport and passing compulsory formalities. We recommend you to arrive at the terminal not later than 3-4 hours prior to the planned departure of your flight.
  • When requested by staff, present your documents for departure, entrance, transit, health and other documents requested by the law. Take the check easily – it’s just a formality passed by everybody, and not the personal fancy of the employee.