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Ramp Handling plane

The Ground Handling Complex of Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise provides a full range of ground handling services under SGHA (Standard Ground Handling Agreement), performance and quality of which is provided by a highly qualified specialists.


Working hours: Mn. – Fr., 08:00 – 17:00
Tel.: +38(044) 281-74-97
E-mail: [email protected]
Working hours: (24/7)
+38(044) 281- 74-09
+38(044) 281-73-51
E-mail: [email protected]

Baggage Handling

Baggage loading/deloading services are performed both for bulk and container types of the aircraft. The accurate coordination of processes allows baggage loading/deloading in the shortest possible time. Due to the staff expertise and the usage of modern equipment, handling is performed on a high level.

  • Baggage sorting and make-up is performed using modern BRS system, providing automated baggage sorting, excluding human errors, enabling tracing of each piece of baggage at all stages of handling and allowing finding and withdrawing of the passenger’s baggage, which in any circumstances does not proceed en route.
  • Provision of a minimal connection time for transfer by means of quick transfer baggage handling.
  • Availability of space for containers storage.

Aircraft Handling

While aircraft handling on the ramp, the ground handling staff provides the following services:

  • Aircraft towing
  • Toilet service and water service
  • The source of ground power, air starting, air conditioner
  • De/anti-icing of aircraft
  • Interior cleaning
  • Passengers and crew transfer
  • State-of-the-art special equipment by SCHOPF, TLD, NEOPLAN, COBUS, VESTERGAARD world manufacturers is used while providing ground handling services

Ground Administration and Load Control

  • Coordination of aircraft ramp handling

Supervisors coordinate all processes of the turn-around flight handling on the ramp as well as aircraft load control.

The agents provide full liaison between Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise, as a service provider, and the carriers – customers

  • Weight and balance calculation and load control

We care about the correct and optimal distribution of aircraft commercial loading. All staff of Load Control Group is certified for the right of calculation performance and has instructor’s certificate with the right to train.

  • Flight documentation drawing up and delivery on board the aircraft

At the carrier’s request we will arrange any additional services, such as crew briefing, weather briefing, flight plan delivery.


Aircraft De/Anti-Icing  


Aircraft de/anti-icing plays one of the most important roles in the flight safety during the winter season, that is why a particular attention is payed to the staff preparation for this procedure performance.

Vestergaard special vehicles, equipped with automated system of proportional mixing of liquid and water are used for de/anti-icing, that’s why liquid mixtures (liquid/water) 25/75%, 50/50%, 75/25% and 100% pure liquid is always available for operation. Boryspil Airport use only non-toxic liquid for aircraft handling.

  • While providing aircraft de/anti-icing services by the Ground Handling Complex staff, a special equipment of Vestergaard company is used, one of the leading manufacturers of special equipment for this field. We use Elephantβ and   Elephantβ15 models, which can perform handling of any aircraft types, including Airbus A380.
  • In 2013 Elephants vehicle fleet was supplemented by a new special vehicle of Vestergaard company, ElephantβNG (Nextgeneration) with improved operator’s cabin and enhanced working characteristics while performing de/anti-icing of aircraft.

The staff undergoes theoretical training according to the manuals and recommendations of international organizations, airlines (AEA, FAA, ICAO, DAMs etc.).

Theory training is conducted by three categories according to AEA recommendations, in particular:

  • DI-L20 driver of special vehicle for aircraft de/anti-icing
  • DI-L30 aircraft de/anti-icing control
  • DI-L40 aircraft de/anti-icing Instructor