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Staff plane

Staff – the most important element of the production process in our company, the main strategic resource of the company in the competition. Whatever the great ideas, innovative technologies, the favorable external factors, without a well-trained staff to achieve high performance operation is not possible.

Caring Company for its employees affects its activity. The staff is a key factor in development of the airport “Boryspil”.

Respect for workers’ rights

The company is guided by the requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine, current legislation and the guidelines of the authorized management body, adheres to the principles of equality, non-discrimination and gender equality. These principles are taken into account in the internal organizational and regulatory document enterprise-people policy of SE IA “Boryspil”. The company’s employees have the same rights and obligations as defined by labor law and internal regulations. For each employee subject to all existing social guarantees, benefits and compensation, defined by the collective agreement concluded between management and the existing trade union organization.

Code of Ethics

In order to determine the rules of conduct, which contribute to the formation of a social consciousness of workers and improve the corporate culture, the company developed and implemented a moral and ethical code of the employee SE IA “Boryspil” and the Regulation on the appearance of the employee’s GP “Boryspil”, which brought to the knowledge of the personal the composition of the airport and are binding for all employees of the company.

Gender equality

Adhering to the principle of gender equality, SE IA “Boryspil” guided by the following rules:

  1. Preventing discrimination between men and women in employment.
  2. Ensuring the payment of equal remuneration for men and women for work of equal value.
  3. Creation of a level playing field for free career employees of both sexes.
  4. Ensuring equal access to training workers.
  5. Promote the protection of motherhood and fatherhood.

Information on the employment of people with special needs

SE IA “Boryspil” creates favorable conditions for the employment of persons with disabilities:

  • monthly inform the employment center on job vacancies for persons with disabilities;
  • monthly inform the Office of Labor and Social Protection of Boryspil on the measures taken to promote the employment of persons with disabilities;
  • monthly locates in print media (newspaper “Vesti”) and the Internet (kbp.aero and rabota.ua) information on job vacancies, including employment opportunities for disabled people.

Staff development

Staff training and development is carried out by external, internal (corporate) training and work with the personnel reserve.

Staff training provided for such types of vocational training:
  • professional training;
  • retraining workers category of “workers”;
  • training category “employees”, including production and technical training;
  • training category “managers”, “professionals”, “experts”, “technical officers”, including production and technical training;
  • specialization;
  • training;
  • self-learning.
Training activities in shape divided into:
  • production and technical courses;
  • targeted courses;
  • Industrial and technical training;
  • distance learning;
  • Other forms: workshops, forums, exhibitions, conferences, “Round tables”, trainings, etc.


Compensation of employees is made in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and in accordance with the terms of the collective agreement based on faster growth of labor productivity in comparison with the growth in wages.

In accordance with the Regulation on awarding employees a monthly bonus fund for the implementation of structural subdivisions of quality indicators – not less than 10% of the actual salaries.

In accordance with the scope of work and on the basis of financial capacity, the premium amount for the implementation of quality indicators in the SE “Boryspil”, was as follows:


(for compare)

Heads of departments are awarded in accordance with the results of subordinate structural units. Under the terms of the collective agreement, the company conducted an experiment on awarding bonuses to employees of the aviation activities in occupied positions: TSK security operator TSC safety – instructor, inspector-operator TSC safety, inspector-operator TSA security – Instructor in accordance with the level of their professional skills as a result of industrial activity.

Funds bonus heads of departments, deputy director general for activities amount to 1% of the actual salaries for the month. They are used to promote the initiative, responsibility, exemplary attitude to work of employees of subordinate units.

Fund manager of awarding the integrated management system in accordance with the Regulation on awarding the employees of the fund manager of the integrated management system is set at 0.1% of the actual salaries of the company in the past month. Last minutes of the meeting of the commission on the distribution of the fund manager of IMS – for the 3rd quarter of 2015 from 28.09.2015g. № 53.1-27-1. In accordance with the information given in this protocol, the premium paid to employees in September.

Encouraging employees

In accordance with the applicable laws, work rules and the collective agreement, for the exemplary performance of official duties by employees of the company, the following types of incentives:

  • gratitude;
  • payment of the premium;
  • assignment of an honorary title (“Veteran DP” Boryspil “,” Honored Worker of the DP “Boryspil”);
  • Departmental Insignia.

Information about vacancies

Information on available vacancies in the public domain and is available on the Internet on sites kbp.aero, rabota.ua and domestic online predpriyatiya- intra.kbp.ua. Each potential candidate for the job can leave your resume on these sites, which is further treated on the same basis and subject to the special experience of the candidate.

The presence of the collective agreement

SE IA “Boryspil” is the collective agreement concluded between management and trade unions of the State Enterprise “International airport” Boryspil “in 2014 and approved by the general charges of the staff under the Protocol on December 12, 2013 № 08.3-27-18.

Trade unions

As at 21.10.2015, in accordance with the applicable collective agreement for 2014 and officially registered, the following trade unions SE IA “Boryspil”:

  1. The trade union of the State Enterprise “International airport” Boryspill “- The head of the union Martynyuk Alexander Danilovich (tel.281-78-99);
  2. The independent trade union of workers of aviation security – Chapter union Stotskii Sergey (tel.281-71-99);
  3. The primary professional organization of aviation workers of the State Enterprise “International airport” Borispol “- The head of the union Savisko Vitaliy Nikolayevich (tel.281-71-40).

Occupational Safety and Health

The company has a policy in the sphere of labor, which is aimed at the establishment and functioning of the legal system. Socio-economic, organizational and technical, sanitary and preventive measures and means to preserve life, health and disability workers in the workplace.

According to the results of work and policy in the field of labor protection at the enterprise there are no cases of occupational injuries and diseases.

In 2014, the company carried out certification of workplaces for compliance with the working conditions, the results of which employees set surcharge for harmful working conditions, the employees provided the milk and extra days to the main release.

The company’s employees are provided with protective clothing and safety shoes.

Certain categories of workers are mandatory annual medical examinations.

Each year, employees of the company who are engaged in hazardous work, undergo training and knowledge tests on occupational safety.

OSH services are carrying out inspections of labor protection according to the annual schedule of inspection of labor protection in subdivisions.